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"The Ethical Committee of the Argentinian Society of Clinical Investigation thanks the external reviewers for their collaboration”

Ethical Committee

Accreditation: COMITÉ DE ÉTICA: OHRP Nº IRBOOO02852 CE GCBA No 042: (disposición 180-DGDOIN-2012) Year of creation: 1995


To protect the dignity, identity, integrity, rights, safety, and well-being of the people that are enrolled at clinical trials, protocols of biomedical research and psychosocial-anthropologic projects, as well as to guarantee the welfare of the experimentation animals when they are subjects of investigation. The Ethical Committee performs their evaluations and makes their decisions respecting ethical aspects, and is absolutely independent of the researchers that present their projects, the sponsors or the public or private institutions.


The advising and revision of research that involves human beings or that propose experiments in animals.


The functions of the committee are: (i) the ethical analysis of the projects submitted from SAIC and other institutions; (ii) contribution to the divulgation of ethical principles in health investigation; (iii) Active presence in the events organized by SAIC; (iii) Active presence at the board of directors of SAIC, at their request; (iv) participation in national and international bioethical academic forums.

The scope and competence of the Committee is established over research on human subjects or laboratory animals, which requests guidance and evaluation to SAIC. SAC members that request such guidance, can apply for a partial waived fee, as per decision of the 2013 SAIC board of directors. The Committee has been accredited by the NIH Office for Human Research Protection and the City of Buenos Aires.                

The operative procedures, composition and functioning of this Committee, as well as the requirements to submit a protocol can be found at the SAIC website.   



Lasaga, Mercedes  



Casares, Mónica

Ibarra, Fernando

Mendez Carlos

Putzulu Gaston

Rebuelto, Marcela

Rosenkranz, Adela 

Solano, Angela


Tanus, Eduardo  


Permanent counselors:

Firmenich, Beatriz

Giorgiutti, Elba

Wikinsky,  Regina    


Administrative secretary: Adriana Resnik

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